Turning Videos into a Cinematic Masterpiece

I’m Oyoo, a professional video editor & film maker

Enock is an experienced documentary editor, familiar with the workflow of Big World Cinema and Al-Jazeera.

He was also part of the first season of Africa Direct for the project “If Colours are Alive Here”. Enock has worked extensively in the humanitarian industry both as a documentary filmmaker and an editor and done massive workload for the BBC Africa. He is part of the UNPLUG Africa team training creatives in Ghana, in the areas of Story Telling and Post Production.

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Colours Are Alive Here, chronicles the creative life of this inspirational “son of the slums”, who remains deeply grounded in his community as his successes reach great heights.

Color Grading

Kisumu city is home to 600,000 residents, a figure that keeps growing. To support the city in accommodating its population, AFD Group and the city of Kisumu have partnered for over 20 years  

Sound Design

A film funded by Kenya Film Commission Empowerment Program